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Our mission is to ensure the promptness, professionalism and best interests of our clients

Our office is recognizable by the rapid response to the demands and needs of its customers


With specialty in trade and business law and working with a large number of small and medium enterprises, we have a thorough knowledge of the problems they are facing.

Collection of claims

Trade companies have problems with the collection of claims. Due to untimely and uneven fulfilment of monetary obligations, the companies have problems with liquidity. In accordance with the law, these obligations must be fulfilled.

Central Registry Procedures

In accordance with the Law, the incorporation of a trade companies, changes of the company, as well as liquidation are performed by lawyers – which are authorized registration agents. Incorporation of a company can be done in 24 hours.

Protection of personal data

Trade companies that process personal data collections are obliged to take technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data. It is necessary to adopt Rulebooks for this process, as well as to implement them.


Contracts are the biggest challenge in law. We work with many types of contracts. In the process of creating them, it is very important to pay attention equally to the interests of all Contracting Parties.

Law Revision

Legal revision is process of collecting and evaluating all legal risks connected with the process of making changes in a trade company, acquisitions, mergers and division. Legal revision is made when new shareholders enter the company.


Advocacy in front of the Courts

The court examines and decides on disputes about the fundamental rights and obligations of the individual and the citizen, personal and family relations such as labour, trade, property, other civil and legal disputes.


Attorney at law

Dejan Aleksov

Attorney at law Dejan Aleksov is an authorized registration agent of the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia, which enables the legal services of establishment, changes or liquidation of the Companies. Our office specializes in Company and Corporate law and works with many young companies. Also we provide professional services for our clients in other areas such as preparation of Contracts, Legal Audit, Personal Data Protection and representation before the courts of the Republic of Macedonia.

Attorney at law

Artan Memishi

Artan Memishi – Attorney at law at Law Office Aleksov with a professional focus in the field of trade and business law, especially in the part of establishing and making changes in trade companies, composition of contracts in Macedonian and English language and cooperation with young companies, ie “startups”.

Associate in Law Office Aleksov

Sofija Popovska

Sofija Popovska is an associate for corporate and commercial law, with a special focus on concluding contracts, statues, regulations and legal conflicsts arising from these relations.

Associate for informative content

Gordana Nikolovska

Gordana Nikolovska is an associate for informative content at the Law Office Aleksov, editor of the information blog in the field of startup companies and regulations related to them in the country and around the world. She is actively investigating the connection of mathematics and computer science with law in order to follow new trends and benefits from them, as well as to analyze the fundamental values ​​that underpin the science of law.



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